Food Safety Policy

The hotel's Food Safety Management Policy as well as its objectives for the quality of its works, sustainability and food safety are expressed as follows:

The hotel has products, applying modern technologies, which ensure the Safety and Quality of its products and specifically:

- Royalty Suites Seaside Halkidiki is a luxury hotel in Nikiti. As a newly established hotel, its goal is the high quality of services with carefully selected needs that will offer comfort and relaxation to the guests, while living the luxury at an affordable price. At Royalty Suites Seaside Halkidiki they are also enhance their environmental awareness by making simple daily tasks with organization. They renovated the building as it was built in 1935, using energy-saving utilities and tools, as well as environmentally friendly equipment. In addition, Royalty Suites Seaside Halkidiki provides comprehensive and quality services with long-term knowledge in the selection of excellent ingredients, the preparation and enjoyment of fine dishes and serving services. The products are tested and certified by international organizations that guarantee their excellent quality. The hotel operates in a vertical unit, which consists of all the departments, infrastructure and mechanical equipment required, based on the most modern standards: Health of even the most sensitive customers (High Risk People), those who face problems health, nutritional sensitivities, (allergies, religious differences in diet, etc.) or that due to age (children-elderly) their immune system is not as strong as a healthy adult.

In each collaboration, "Royalty Suites Seaside Halkidiki" offers a truly unique experience of flavors and services and that is a commitment.

The quality requirements of the customer are constantly recognized and monitored and the effort to upgrade the level of compliance is continuous and uninterrupted.

The basic principles that compose the quality of hotel services are:

- There are complete procedures for planning, controlling and monitoring the daily production in order to cover the quality, time, food safety and cost plans.

- All raw materials are made by approved after evaluation of suppliers.

- All work is performed by qualified personnel.

Through the harmonious cooperation of all stakeholders (administration, staff, partners, suppliers) ensures the successful completion of its work. The hotel is committed to food safety to contact the food chain.

In order to achieve all the above:

- Has developed ways of communication both between human resources and with suppliers, customers, subcontractors

- The context of the organization has been taken into account

- Management System according to ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2018 was developed and implemented

- We continuously review and improve the characteristics of our services, where possible, as well as the efficiency of our Processes and consequently of the entire Management System

- We set measurable objective goals for food safety & quality at the corporate level, at the operational level as well as in terms of our services. These objectives are established and evaluated in terms of their achievement in the context of the Review of the Quality Management System by the Management of the organization, and take into account the threats and opportunities identified by the company.

- We provide all the necessary resources to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of our organization

- We invest in continuous training, in order to ensure the professional competence, information and training of its executives in order to promote the quality and safety of our activities

- Monitor, measure and evaluate critical parameters and Processes to ensure Quality.

The Food Safety Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through programs of inspections, evaluations and reviews. It is designed to emphasize to prevention, but without underestimating corrective action mechanisms, when the Food Safety Management System is found to be non-compliant with the requirements.

Achieving the goals is conquered with modern know-how, compliance with European & National Legislation, compliance with market conditions, with ancillary functions and with the provision of the necessary resources (ie ethical and material means), with continuous awareness and information to Food Safety issues.

The unceasing effort for continuous improvement of the efficiency of the System is the main concern of the company and the philosophy of each employee, but also building the same philosophy in our suppliers / partners.

Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the "Royalty Suites Seaside Halkidiki" recognizes and rewards teamwork, individual effort, invests in technical equipment, which promotes safer ways of food management with respect to the customer.